ACAPL was established in the year of 1995, 19th August, is one of the most esteemed flying schools in India. Thousands of students have built their careers as Pilots while training with carver. The Academy also provides training in the field of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME).

ACAPL offers advanced learning facility in Pilot Training and AME. It has received ISO 9001-2008 certification and is also DGCA (Director General of Civil Aviation, Govt. Of India) approved. The school is located at the rain shadow region of Baramati in Maharashtra, India. The school has an excellent infrastructure spread across 3,89,000 sqft at Baramati and has 11 Aircraft, one of the largest training fleet, in the country.



Our aim is to produce the optimum blend of aircraft manipulative skills, academic application, leadership and command character, all combined with a competent knowledge of business and aviation management.



At Carver Aviation we have chosen Airmanship as our motto to continually remind us that we must reach an understanding of each element in the aviation environment namely Air Man Ship with a continuous emphasis on Flight Safety.

  • Marc Carvalho

    CEO & Founder

    The main aim of Carver Aviation is to produce an aviator whose qualities encompass an optimum blend of Aircraft manipulative skills, academic applications, strong leadership skills, commanding character combined with competent knowledge of business and Aviation management. Professional Pilots are a breed apart because they pursue a dream that requires great commitment and sacrifice. Be it you dreamt of flying or you just begun to have an interest in aviation, Carver offers a flight program designed to help you reach your specific career goals. Carver's Flight Program is uniquely designed for optimum utilisation of flight hours towards Program completion, which will augment once skill in the in-vogue field of Aviation.

  • Javed Mirza

    Chief Flight Instructor

    A Pilot plays a Vital Role in the aviation industry. A pilot is required to be competent enough to handle the fundamental responsibilities. To hold a unique demand in this competitive scenario, one must possess a unique set of skills and attributes that are required to set himself apart from others. In our integrated training program the discipline and structure that we follow gives a discerned knowledge and skills to the candidates. The fact that it requires a high level of uninterrupted application and commitment from the Candidate, We believe in completing the flying requirements at the earliest keeping the standards set by the DGCA. We believe in imparting practical as well as theoretical training simultaneously which will help the candidates in attaining profound knowledge and skills. Alumnae’s from these programs can be certain that their training is consistent with the Aviation industry’s expectations and will enhance their employment prospects.

Operations Team

We know the importance of time. Because of ACAPL's largest number of fleet and master roistering which enables to meet the flying requirements at the earliest. With the team of experienced Chief Flight Instructor,Flight Instructors, Assistant Flight Instructors, Ground instructors and Flight Clerk. ACAPL has endured to achieve more than 85000 hours of flying and each of them has exerted their remarkable dedication and inputs which has been invaluable to our operations.

Operations Team's efforts:-
  • Convey maximum knowledge and skills with par excellencies to each of our students.
  • Endeavour to accomplish the flying requirements at the earliest.
  • Make you the best pilot you can be.

The secret to the success of ACAPL's programs is the discipline and structure followed by the operations team with full vigour to accomplish the flying requirement and ground training in predetermined time line program.



  • Pilot Training Operations :

    Plot # P-50, MIDC Ind. Area, Near Baramati
    Airport, Baramati, Pune - 413133

    +91 2112656511 | +91 9767000030

  • Registered Office :

    14A/16, Ground Floor, Shreeji Sadan Chs. Ltd.,
    Opp. Saraswat Bank, S V Sovani Path, Girgaum
    Mumbai - 400004

    +91 2223827374 | +91 2112656511

  • AME Campus :

    3rd Floor, Vidya Corner Building, Pencil Chowk,
    MIDC,Baramati, Pune - 413133

    +91 7744957703 | +91 9767000031 | +91 2112244739