ACAPL offers courses in Pilot Training and Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. The training integrates Commercial Pilot's License, Private Pilot's License and Instrument Rating and covers all theory & practical elements.

ACAPL is one of the largest and the most respected flying schools in India...

Campus & Facilities

ACAPL was established in the year of 1995, 19th August, is one of the most esteemed flying schools in India. Hundreds of students have built their careers as Pilots while training with carver. The Academy also provides training in the field of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME). ACAPL offers advanced learning facility in Pilot Training and AME. It has received ISO 9001-2008 certification and is also DGCA (Director General of Civil Aviation, Govt. Of India) approved. The school is located at the rain shadow region of Baramati in Maharashtra, India. The school has an excellent infrastructure spread across 3,89,000 sqft at Baramati and has 11 Aircraft, one of the largest training fleet, in the country.
Excellent training facility:
ACAPL has remarkable potential of delivering expertise in Commercial Pilot Training and Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. With the presence of best Pilot instructors and experienced Faculty members, ACAPL assures to provide skilful and worthy training. The structure designed is as such that the training will be imparted with the full assertiveness in accomplishing once flying requirement as soon as possible, considering the fact that it requires a high level of uninterrupted application and commitment from the Candidate. We believe in imparting practical as well as theoretical training simultaneously, this helps candidates in attaining profound knowledge and skills by letting them to learn and visualize things practically. Alumnaefrom these programs can be certain that their training is consistent with the Aviation industries expectations and will enhance their employment prospects.

Aviation Encouragement, Pro Environment

Alike Airport, ACAPL's ambiance has all the amenities and infrastructure that can give a peerless feeling of actually working with an Airline. Apart from the presence of trainee Pilots, there is always a varying horde of Experienced Commercial and Airforce Pilots who usually come for the purpose of their license renewal or Multi-Engine endorsement respectively. Their manifestation gives our trainee pilots an opportunity to interact with them and receive some resourceful knowledge, which augments their efficiency and skills. ACAPL always try to keep its atmosphere lively by orginising various aviation related events. In coordination with AOPA-INDIA, ACAPL has organised AOPA-INDIA's first general meet, which was the very firstof its kind in India. AOPA-INDIA aims to make flying safe, fun and affordable to all aviation enthusiasts and conducts several programs throughout the year. Its first FLY-IN on 29th November 2013 was organised with the support of the management and students of Carver Aviation, which met with the great success. Around 150 Pilots from all over India were united with great zeal for this alluring event. As ACAPL is also a MRO (Maintenance Repair Overhaul) organisation, under which Aircraft Maintenance Engineer students are greatly privileged with exposure to Aircraft maintenance, which includes scheduling, maintenance of aircraft parts & components and Engine overhauling etc.

Co-Curricular Activities

The all-round development of an individual (holistic development) is only possible through balanced development of scholastic as well as non-scholastic aspects in the formal, in-formal and non-formal educational settings in the society. Particularly, in the modern era where individuals have to pass through phases of undue anxiety and over-stress, we find that sometimes it leads to various types of depression and even loss of life. Here, the individuals involvement in the co-curricular activities becomes more significant because these activities stop various types of anxieties and stress to overpower the individual. The co-curricular/extracurricular activities help the student to overcome the stress of stunts and it allow the holistic development of individual. So apart from Flying and ground Training, ACAPL provides opportunity for our students to participate in co-curricular activities such as table tennis, outdoor visits and others.These outside-the-classroom activities are vital to the full, formative, academy experience. In addition, there is ample evidence that extra- or co-curricular activities bring benefits beyond enjoyment.

Interactive Learning

ACAPL majorly believes in interactive learning technology. ACAPL's Interactive Learning designs and produces training material and relatedsolutions for their trainee pilots. ACAPL's Instructors have found that interactivity has a strong positive effect on learning as Interactivity is mutual action between the learner, the learning system, and the learning material.There are a wide variety of products available ranging from interactive Computer-Based Training (CBT) to established CPL, PPL and AME textbooks. Interactive learning through flight simulators, demo flights on actual Aircraft or exposure to work on real aircraft & working models in Lab and subject related audio, graphics, feedback, expert advice, and questions and answers keep learners interested and reinforces their skills. This will allow the studentsto deepen their knowledge and the provided revised material after completion of the theory course will keep them exuberant. It is the expertise and experience of ACAPL's professional ground and flying instructors, who have made the learning so resourceful and efficient. All are effective methods for developing practical skill and increasing information retention among the students.

Round the Year Flying / Rain Shadow Region

ACAPL is renowned for its fastest training records and excellent training record. The secret to the success of ACAPL's programs is the discipline and structure of the training with the full assertiveness in accomplishing once flying requirementsat the earliest. Because of ACAPL's dedicated team and the zeal of the competent Instructors to train the trainees with par Excellencies has proved ACAPL to be the pioneer among aviation academies. For a smooth and sound Flight Training, weather is one of the major factors. One of the major factor for safe flying conditions is good Visibility which can result in safe take offs and landings. Mostly in northern India flying training is affected because of the fog during winters and in southern parts of India flying training is adversely affected during Monsoons,As Baramati is located in Rain Shadow Region, the flying goes throughout the year unobstructed by weather.Nevertheless, ACAPL is the only academy where Flying activities remains unaffected but keeping the safety of every flights with respect to Human Factors.

Experienced & Pioneer Faculty

Academy of Carver Aviation Pvt Ltd (ACAPL), has highly qualified and experienced faculty. It is all because of the efforts of magnificent team ofprofessionalswho are efficient and has a great concern for their Company. Faculty play a crucial role in promoting academic integrity in the classroom. Playing a proactive role with students in training them about the respective subjects and tactics makes upholding the spirit of the students. ACAPL is proud to have the most brilliant faculty members as they are always assertive to impart training and skills to their trainees. ACAPL's faculty members are comprises of Chief flight Instructors, Pilot Instructors, Assistant Flight Instructors, Chief Ground Instructor, Ground training instructors and experienced personnel who have over 20 years of experience in civil and military aviation manage the AME institute.

Rocket speed completion of flying

ACAPL comprehend the time importance. To a pilot, Time plays a very important role. It is very imperative to have a specific time frame to fulfil the flying requirements as per the DGCA norms. ACAPL is the flying school who has achieved more than 85000 flying hours. Following are the significant features because of which ACAPL has record-breaking triumphs. ACAPL has 11 aircraft in its fleet. With the team of instructors, comprising Chief Flight Instructor, Pilot Instructors, Assistant Pilot Instructors because of which a systematic and perfectly planned roistering of flying hrs has been done. This is one of the major reason, due to which ACAPL is rated as best flying school where one can fulfil his/her flying requirements at the earliest. ACAPL operates from Baramati, which is an uncontrolled airfield. ACAPL need not have to follow any sort of watch hours, as ACAPL has its own control tower and has its personal designated frequency of 129.25 utilized for all flight activities. ACAPL has Night flying approval, which is why the flying activities remains ON from Sunrise until mid night. ACAPL has a brilliant Maintenance and engineering team as flight safety is directly associated with absolute excellent engineering work as well. ACAPL has sufficient number of Engineers and Technicians who does the scheduling, repair, maintenance and overhaul of all the aircraft on time without any delays. As Baramati is situated in the Rain Shadow Region, The flying goes throughout the year without any postpones, as Weather is not an issue for Carver Aviation, whether it may be summer, monsoon or winter season there is very trifling impact because of such seasons.

On Job Training

On Job Training Maintenance Scope as per CAR-145 AMO (Approved Maintenance Organisation

1) Upton Phase IV Maintenance of KINGAIR B-200 SERIES& KINGAIR C-90
2) Complete maintenance of PARTENEVIA P-68C
3) Complete Maintenance of CESSNA 152 & 172
4) Engine overhauling of lycoming series Piston Engine
5) Non Destructive Testing (LPT , MPI AND ECT)
6) Autopilot Maintenance and slip torque check
7) NI-CD and Lead Acid batter Capacity Test
8) Alternator, Starter, Flap motor & Magneto Maintenance & Testing

Above Maintenance facilities is also being utilized for imparting On Job Training for aspiring Aircraft Maintenance Engineering students.



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